Colorado Easement Law

Herms & Herrera receives many calls regarding easement rights, mostly in Larimer and Weld Counties, Colorado. So what is an easement? An easement is a real property right authorizing the easement owner to do something or maintain something on the land of another.

Basics of Colorado Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Law

Every year, more and more Coloradoans live in homes that are part of a homeowners association (“HOA”), also known as a common interest community or community association. New homes are especially likely to be part of an HOA

Colorado Supreme Court Overturns Fort Collins Fracking Moratorium

On May 2, the Colorado Supreme Court issued an opinion upholding a lower court ruling that the City of Fort Collins’ fracking moratorium was invalid. The opinion can be found here. This case is the result of Fort Collins voters’ 2013 adoption of a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing and storage of related waste products within the City of Fort Collins.

Drone Flyover a Trespass Under Colorado Law

It appears drones filling the skies could soon become a way of life. The FAA estimated that during the 2015 holiday shopping season, around 1 million “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs) would be sold.